Contrary to popular opinion one cannot reject Christ and experience no negative consequences.  The baby boomers were naive.  They rejected Christ when our culture was still Christian enough to shelter them from a true experience of secular culture, and when new financial credit made seeking salvation in the material world look viable.  In their minds, Darwin had proved that God did not exist.  Church was goofy and unfashionable, so they stopped going, but they still tried to be nice people.  After all, the teaching of all religions was just to be nice to everyone, especially minorities.  They dressed in silly clothes, walked into decent jobs, married someone nice, got a mortgage and relaxed into suburban banality.  They followed the program and mistook favourable economic conditions as a sign of their own genius, and the leftovers of a Christian culture as the fruits of secular enlightenment.  As time went on however, and more of that Christian culture was rejected or forgotten the cracks began to show.

Don’t you want to play?

Those whose parents were nice, and wanted their children to be nice, taught them to listen to their superiors and to take the feelings of others seriously.  A belief in one’s fallibility and the capacity for self-reflection are necessary and valuable traits for a Christian to develop.  In a pagan or atheist society however, they are not necessarily valued.  Probably it was not understood how Christian this trait is, and it was assumed that this was simply natural to humans.  Certainly, children were not armed against the possibility that other people would not also be trying to do the right thing.  Because they were not religious themselves, these parents did not believe that Christ is the ultimate standard and judge of both our conduct and others’.  Without Christ and ultimate standards, their children had no reference to determine whether the demands made by others were legitimate.  They were given a Christian sensitivity but no pathway to redemption except through the approval of their more confident and less sensitive peers.

The essence of western culture once religion has been stripped from it.

These were the children who could sit still and listen.  As they got older they were told that they should be ashamed of their culture and themselves.  They, the white recently Christian children, especially the males, were the reason for poverty in Africa, the destruction of the environment, the oppression of minorities and should be apologetic for their heritage.  Having been told that all these ills were their fault, they were given no means to redeem themselves other than to feel guilty and pretend that truth did not exist.  The virtuous thing to do would be to reject all that was left of Christian culture and worship the culture of the less developed peoples.  The only sin was to believe that sin existed and that one could perceive it. While the nice children who could follow instructions took on this burden of guilt, the poorly brought up children didn’t care.  Their confidence was unaffected while that of the well behaved children was undermined.

NovusOrdo2 NovusOrdo3

Concomitantly, educational institutions, the media and popular culture conspire to produce an opposition between supposedly rational science and irrational religion.   Religion is presented as an irrational retreat into escapist fantasy where the gullible can imagine that they are loved by a powerful being in order to cope with being lonely and afraid.  Few people are eager to embrace a religion presented as such.  Part of the reason that this misconception persists is that no one is being taught that there are rational arguments for a belief in God.  The atheist confusion that faith is required in order to believe in God is presumed to be legitimate, while the church’s teaching (Denzinger, 1806) that the existence of God can be known with rational certitude by the means of philosophy is carefully ignored.  Faith is necessary for belief in the truths of revelation, such as the divinity of Christ and the trinity (Denzinger, 1791-1792).  But before one can come to understand the divinity of Jesus however, it is logical that one must first believe in divinity.  Of course, the reason that children are not taught that rational arguments for God exist is that most Catholics they come into contact with do not know this themselves. Their parents faced this same uncertainty when they were growing up and received no better answers. Many of them left the church because of their inability to understand.  This shortfall in religious education means that young people are given the impression that a belief in God cannot be rationally justified.

In the video below Jordan Peterson explains his rejection of religion as a teenager.  The piece of footage relevant to this article ends at 1:02:18. The same fundamental problems face teenagers today, in Catholic as well as protestant communities, and continue to lead to their rejection of the church.

When children do eventually encounter the church, it does not present in a useful way.  Catholic teaching materials have become very American and childish.  Western people with any conception of culture have a sense of what religion should be.  It is stone cathedrals with stained glass windows, monks chanting solemnly in arcane languages, illuminated manuscripts painstakingly copied by hand and a serious and reverent mass.  For western people Catholicism with its understanding of the fallen human condition and the immortality of the soul is the only convincing religion.  But instead of being shown Catholicism with its magnificent traditions and its uncompromising, necessary truths young people are shown just another watered down version of Protestantism.  They are given kumbayah instead of Gregorian chant, smiling cartoons instead of leather bound bibles, social justice instead of the relationship of the soul with God.

The problem with modern church music is obvious to most people and neatly summarised by the comedian Danny Bhoy in the video below.  It is not necessary to continue watching past 1.42.

Novus Ordo 7
Many children are not as keen to boogie with Jesus as adults imagine.
Novus Ordo 8
Finally, something we can respect.

The teachings which demand sacrifices in the material world are hidden away for fear of offending someone.  The mass has been made to look like a community sing-along and the church’s teaching reduced to the exhortation to be nice and give to charity.  For sensitive children struggling to cope with being thrown in with less sensitive neighbours, the recommendation of more unconditional niceness is not particularly helpful.  Such children need to know why some people are not nice, and a justification for continuing to do the right thing in the face of it.  They need to be taught how to decide when to listen to someone, and when they should dismiss them.  They need something to base their self-worth upon other than the changeable opinions of others.  If one looks as if he is enjoying the lame things religion seems to involve, he is asking to be bullied by the other children, who can also tell that this presentation of religion is lame and therefore that anyone who likes it must be lame too.  If young people cannot escape being exposed to this lame, hand-holding version of religion, they will stop responding and wait for it to end.  Further ‘dumbing down’ and ‘funning up’ the content in the hope of engaging students will only make matters worse.

This video illustrates the way many students feel when confronted with fun religious activities:

Novus Ordo 9
The new Catholic aesthetic.
Novus Ordo 10
The old Catholic aesthetic.

This is not the end of the story however.  While these are the factors that lead to the youth’s initial rejection of God, experience can lead to reconsideration.  Essentially young adults now face three options.  Those who feel less alienated by secular culture can continue to distract themselves with new and exciting material possessions and activities.  They can commit to being fashionable and receiving their needed justification from other people.  While this is ultimately an unsatisfactory way to live, the people who are successfully doing this now are not currently looking for the answers that religion can offer.

The children who were able to listen, and who would at other times in history have been the core of the faithful, still possess lingering doubts about the fabulous option above.  At some level they felt alienated by the secular culture which surrounded them.  They tried to listen to the authorities and were good enough with language to go to university where they were further indoctrinated in anti-Christian ideologies.  They indulged in sin, for they were told that sin did not exist and vice was virtue.  They felt anxious and out of place, but they tried to do as popular culture told them.  They drank and did drugs and watched pornography.  They had sex and used contraception.  They applauded gays and immigrants and tried to be sexy and fashionable.  But somehow it wasn’t enough.  They felt lost and received no useful guidance.  They drank to deaden their conscience but still felt bad inside.

Here we see a compelling expression of the confusion of western youth.  The lyrics encapsulate many of the uncertainties that young people feel about their place in society and their future prospects.  This is what has become of us and our society without our traditions and our religion.

Because many of the more sensitive young adults in our society feel bad, they are looking for an explanation for why they are suffering.  One reaction to this half articulated anxiety is to believe the explanations we are given for suffering by our teachers and professors, and which are also promoted by popular culture.  They are encouraged to ascribe all suffering to oppressive and authoritarian western culture.  They are presented with western culture as being nothing more than the nasty and boring parts of secular culture, but with harsher penalties for stepping from the straight and narrow.  From this perspective, it is not that we have abandoned our culture which is causing alienation and suffering, but that we have not dismantled it entirely.  The people who adopt this explanation crusade for what they believe to be social justice, which is the final destruction of western culture, most especially its religion.  While people who react to the modern world in this way are very deeply in need of the salvation offered by Catholicism, they have been taught to hate the church as the last institution left with standards by which they might be judged.  Needless to say, the people who react in this way are not currently promising as potential converts.  The church will not convert them by trying to appear more feminist or multicultural.  They are already devout atheists and in trying to appeal to this segment of the population the church only drives away the part of the population who might be interested in Catholic tradition.

Many on the left side of the political spectrum at this time are not ready to embrace religion, and appeasing them is destructive.

The alternative reaction to committing to the modern ideologues’ explanation for suffering is to become skeptical of secular values.  Of course, the generation which grew up with the internet went looking for answers online, and eventually they washed up in the forums where anonymity suspends political correctness and real ideas begin to be discussed.  These people chose the ‘red pill’ and followed their unsatisfied curiosities to their ends. All vices are catered for on the internet, but if you embrace them you will no longer be sheltered from their consequences.  What this generation has found is that vice is not nearly so glamorous as Hollywood makes out, nor so innocent as their parents believe.   When one stops trying to explain away his instinctive reactions for fear of being labelled a homophobe, a misogynist or a racist, the picture which emerges of our cultural trajectory becomes less and less appealing.

Our culture has changed much within a few short decades.   Those in their late twenties remember that things used to be less crass.  Ordinary people were less fabulous and cared less about appearances.  There used to be much less middle class alcoholism and drug use, fewer loans for stupid things.  Economic prospects have obviously declined for young people since our parents’ generation.  Having contracted debt in order to gain degrees it then transpires that no one especially values them.  ‘Networking’ has become an important part of one’s career prospects.  The desperate competition among new graduates for professional jobs has ensured that the working conditions in those jobs are no longer good.  The only reason to hold such a position is to get a salary to qualify for a mortgage so you can spend the next thirty years paying off an ugly unit in a depressing outer suburb.  That usury is a mortal sin does not enter consideration.  If that option is unappealing, one can always work a casual job in a shop owned by a parvenu who wishes to make it by cutting corners, and run by a manager who has given up and is doing the minimum possible to continue their mortgage repayments.  It’s pointless, boring work but at least it’s paid by the hour and one can quit whenever necessary.


An important film in the development of many youths, this scene anticipated the dissatisfaction many people were later to feel with the standard options presented them.

While those who grew up in the ’90s have become disillusioned with the authorities in our culture for enabling this to happen, we were still brought up with enough Christian culture to feel its loss and to find our way to the truth.  The children going through school now are getting things much worse.  The cultural conditioning has started much younger and been much deeper for them, and the results are frightening.

Weep for the children of today.

Our culture is being pozzed.  Everywhere one looks he sees this attempt to infect our once upright and respectable culture with damaging ideologies and corresponding behaviour.   Marriage has been rendered meaningless through divorce.  Children have been neglected in favour of contraception, careers and material stuff.  Women have become men and men women.  The people least able to listen and think clearly have been put into positions of authority over those who can. Pornography has replaced relationships and hippoid self-expression has replaced art and beauty.  By their fruits you shall know them.  A large segment of the youth population has been ‘red-pilled’ into spontaneously discovering the truth of many of the moral positions which the Catholic church maintains.  Below is a selection of materials which rapidly shift one’s ideological position from progressive to conservative.

This show is possibly aimed at children.

Below we see some images from the Folsom Street Fair.  An open air BDSM street festival which takes place annually in San Fransisco.

Novus Ordo 11

While these images point to some unsavoury activities which straight people usually avoid thinking about when expressing enthusiasm for LGBTQ rights, it gets worse.  Public acts of copulation have been documented, and children are sometimes present at this event.  Homosexual acts are not a pleasant sight.

SBS explains Pup Play.  While this is disturbing footage, it is has still be sanitised for a heterosexual audience.  By the end of the video one feels very sad for these damaged men who have been convinced to make a fool of themselves publicly.  Making this public will not assist their social anxiety.

If that was not enough gory detail, you can investigate the YouTube channel of Jyan Delamotte, the ‘pupboss’. This footage is not suitable for children.  This man’s YouTube channel contains enough videos with distressing thumbnail images and titles to allow one a glimpse at the unsavory activities of this subculture without having to watch them.

A segment of the youth has seen the continuing destruction of what is left of our Christian culture and has stopped believing that its embrace of the ideologies which promote this destruction is the right thing to do.  They have begun to realise that they like western culture, and that they should not feel ashamed of it.  They have come to a spontaneous understanding that vices are not good for you, that use of pornography causes psychological harm and can lead to addiction, that gender is not a social construct and the attempt to reject it damages the soul.  It is not merciful to encourage people in their delusions.  It is not merciful to pretend that sin does not exist.

The church knows this.

‘From the dialectic of Hegel onwards, we have had dinned into our ears what are nothing but fables, and by dint of hearing them so often, many people end up by getting used to them, if only passively. But the fact of the matter is that Nature and Truth, and the Law bound up in both, go on their imperturbable way, and cut to pieces the simpletons who, upon no grounds whatsoever, believe in radical and far-reaching changes in the very structure of man.  The consequences of such violations are not a new outline of man, but disorders, hurtful instability of all kinds, the frightening dryness of souls, the shattering increase in the number of human castaways, driven long since out of people’s sight and mind to live out their decline in boredom, sadness and rejection.  Aligned on the wrecking of the eternal norms are to be found the broken families, lives cut short before their time, hearths and homes gone cold, old people cast to one side, youngsters wilfully degenerate and, at the end of the line, souls in despair and taking their own lives-all of which human wreckage gives witness to the fact that the “line of God” does not give way, nor admit of any adaptation to the delirious dreams of the so-called philosophers!’ Excerpt from‘Notification Concerning Men’s Dress Worn by Women’ by Guiseppe Cardinal Siri in 1960.

One striking example of this is the suicide rate for post-operative transgender people being 19 times higher than normal people.  While the media tries to attribute this high rate of suicide to a lack of support of transgender people, a simpler and more compelling interpretation of this data is that self-mutilation in pursuit of a delusion does not solve problems.  The increasing push to allow children as young as 11 who experience gender dysphoria to receive hormone treatments is disturbing some medical professionals.  The American College of Pediatricians has recently issued a strong statement in which they urge ‘healthcare professionals, educators and legislators to reject all policies that condition children to accept as normal a life of chemical and surgical impersonation of the opposite sex’. They also state that most gender confused children ‘eventually accept their biological sex after naturally passing through puberty’, and point out the many health risks associated with such a course of action, including sterility.  Given the strange gender roles promoted in our culture at this time, it is no surprise that some children become confused.  David Reimer was a boy whose penis was damaged in infancy, and under the advice of a psychologist was raised as a girl. While this case was presented as evidence that gender is learned, Reimer failed to accept this gender and returned to living as a male in adulthood before eventually committing suicide.  Such cases illustrate the damage done to real people by thinking that we can force the natural law to adapt to our will, rather than the other way around.  To encourage children who are struggling with gender to reject their natural bodies is setting them up for a lifetime of anguish and despair.

Even worse than this tragedy is the outright evil which is allowed to flourish beneath it.  Liberalism tells us that evil does not exist, that everything is a matter of perspective.  If people do things which are bad which you can’t quite explain away as a difference of opinion, then it is just that they were poorly educated and cannot control their passions.  The numerous serial killers and child molesters which have emerged since western culture was ‘liberated’ after WWII have purged us of the idea that everyone is innocent.  Scandals such as the Dutroux affair demonstrate that objective evil exists and cannot be accounted for by liberalism.  The abduction, torture, rape and murder of innocent children, carried out over and over again is evil.  What is worse, there are allegations that Dutroux was not alone, but that he was part of a pedophile network with powerful connections in government and the police who were attempting a cover-up.  In the atheist view, things happen randomly, and are a product of blind chance.  But in the Dutroux affair we see the work of a malicious, calculating evil which deliberately hunted down innocents to destroy for its own pleasure.  What is more, this evil is powerful and organised.  This cannot be squared with the rationalist evolutionary view of the world with which we were brought up.  To find that evil exists is terrifying.  This terror can only be overcome by kneeling before God, and begging for salvation.

If we want the youth to return to the church, we must stop hiding the problem of evil. The church is the only institution which offers a coherent understanding of the existence of evil, and the means by which to come to terms with it.  The desire of young people for order and tradition could be taken seriously.  Without Catholicism to direct this yearning toward God, some people begin to think fascism looks like a better alternative to the LGBTQ positive culture they see projected into the future.  This video and the videos below do not represent the views of this blog.  Hate is not a part of the message of Christ.  These videos are here to demonstrate the longing that some young western people feel for order, and the great danger involved in the church being presented as complicit in the destruction of Christendom.  Some of them may be deleted by YouTube, but the links are here for as long as they last.  A belief in Christ, and the christian morals which flow out from that ought to be the antidote to the rage and frustration displayed in these clips at the destruction of western culture.

Notice the comments on a recent video, promoted by Youtube, encouraging immigration.  Many people are refusing to accept this propaganda, which is so different from their own experience of the recent migrants to Europe.  But without christian virtue to direct this reaction to the good, many people commit the sin of wrath.


When young people start investigating our culture and traditions some of them begin to reassess our religion.  In spite of being perhaps the only institution left which retains conservative teachings about gender, marriage, contraception and abortion, powerful elements in the church appear to be trying to obfuscate or distance themselves from such teachings.  Much media associated with the church appears to communicate a message that mass immigration from unchristian cultures is unconditionally wonderful, that we should become uncritically committed to a political program advanced by atheistic misanthropes in the name of environmentalism, while truth is unclear.  How the laity could be compelled to accept any particular political program when nothing is ‘black and white’ is also left unclear.  The church is being drowned in the poz remembered from childhood, and affiliated with a political program with which much of the conservative leaning youth does not agree, which they rightly understand to be part of an attempt to undermine what remains of Christendom.



Novus Ordo 16

The Eastern Orthodox Church is less conservative than the Catholic Church in doctrine, but because it looks more authentic, it receives many young western converts.  Some young people do manage to find their way to the Catholic church, in spite of the unprepossessing aesthetics, and those who do gravitate to the Latin mass.  Young people do not want community input, gender inclusive language and acoustic rock.  They want the truth spoken bravely and valid sacraments.  Young people like the mass in Latin, the priest facing God, Gregorian chant and no pointless and divisive lay involvement.  Western people recognise the Latin mass as our church.  The way the Novus Ordo rite is commonly presented, while it provides perfectly valid sacraments, is too wishy-washy to convince a skeptical and jaded youth that it can deal with the concept of evil and the reality of death.

Novus Ordo 22

The reason our culture is being destroyed is because Christ, the ultimate standard of goodness and truth, is at the centre of it.  The gospels are very clear that evil will try to destroy good, and our culture was good because it was based upon the truth of Christ. “If the world hates you, be sure that it hated me before it learned to hate you.” John 15:18. The church, as the heart of our culture, is under attack and yet its functionaries appear to act as if this were not the case and that evil did not exist.  The media will take every opportunity it can to spread untruth about the church and stoke confusion and loathing.



At the same time as misrepresenting the positions of the Catholic Church, Salon is happy to promote the idea of paedophilia as just a different sexual orientation, a sexual orientation which is legitimate so long as one doesn’t actually molest anyone.  The reader is encouraged to sympathise with people who are sexually attracted to children and view them as courageous simply because they do not act on their urge to molest children.  Salon has since taken down one of these articles, but it is still accessible here.  The other remains available here for now.


Novus Ordo 15

To outsiders, the church appears simply to be passively accepting the advances of a clearly hostile attack, while encouraging its members to meekly do so as well.  There is no need to try to catch up with the Protestants or apologise for the church’s existence.  If the hippy aesthetic were abandoned and more traditional elements, such as Gregorian chant, were embraced in the Novus Ordo rite, more young people would be willing to consider the message of Catholicism.  While practicing Catholics who already have faith are able to handle the usual aesthetics of the Novus Ordo, potential converts are assessing the legitimacy of the church through its outward manifestation in the form of the mass.  If acoustic rock is presented as the church’s conception of the pinnacle of reverent devotion, people who are only beginning to develop faith become skeptical of the church’s claim to possess truth.  The church already has all the materials it needs to present itself in a more appealing way to people in the modern world.  It simply isn’t using them to the best advantage right now.  Catholicism is the religion which gave its adherents such sense of purpose that they planned Cathedrals they would never live to see completed.  It is the religion that the religious thought so important that they gave up the opportunity of married life.  It is the religion which is so compelling it has spread around the world and is one of the world’s largest religions.  Catholicism, with Christ dying on the cross to redeem us is the only religion which can offer us the path to salvation.

Novus Ordo 13



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