Principles of Feminine Dress – Principle 5: Colour and Print

Having established that to be tastefully dressed it is best to wear a modest, well cut dress or skirt with a defined waist, the next element for our consideration are the colours of an outfit. 


Principles of Feminine Dress – Principle 4: Cut

Principle 4:  Cut Having taken a short detour to discuss ladies trousers, we shall continue to analyse the principles involved in a successful outfit.  As we have established that trousers are a difficult item for women to wear, the well-dressed Catholic woman should make a habit of wearing skirts or dresses when appearing in public.…

Modern Classical Ballet

    When we care to examine our past and compare it to the present it is tempting to despair of regaining what has been lost.  It is to deplore the loss of a golden age and be blind to the opportunities which surround us.  Sometimes it can appear that the momentum of our culture’s…