Photographs of Healing with Thyroid Therapy

Readers of Dr Ray Peat’s work will be familiar with the importance of thyroid function for health.  I have assembled the best photographic evidence of the effect that thyroid supplementation can have on low thyroid people. 


Breastfeeding for Healthy Families

In the last article it was suggested that breastfeeding for two years or more, as recommended by the World Health Organisation, is the best policy for a child’s development.  The far lower rate of Sudden Infant Death syndrome among exclusively breastfed children was also pointed out.  Some of the other ways that breastfeeding has been…

Modern Classical Ballet

Modern classical ballet is living proof that the modern world can continue and refine the good things we have inherited from the past. Dance has not escaped the influences of modernism.  Philosophical modernism is supposed to have begun with Kant’s ‘assumption that we cannot know things in themselves and that objects of knowledge must conform…