Principles of Feminine Dress – Principle 2: Defined Waist

Principle 2:  Defined Waist A major principle of good design is to keep the overall structure simple, and then emphasise the elements of that structure with detail.  The function a thing performs will determine the structure that it has.   When we turn our minds to designing feminine dress, the thing which will give the outfit…


Why Is the Modern World So Ugly?

Western civilisation used to produce beautiful things. People in old photographs used to dress better and look more dignified. Not only the wealthy, but everyone from Ladies and Doctors to labourers and servants. Old buildings, even simple worker’s cottages were more appealing than grand public works today. Books, cars, trains, furniture, art and homewares all used to be more pleasing. The speech and writing of anyone holding positions requiring a modicum of education used to be of a far higher standard than that of people in those same positions today.